Drupal designers partnership program

Next time you need to deliver a multilingual Drupal site, try ICanLocalize Translator. The module will localize all the site's contents, cutting down work for both yourself and your clients. You enter all the contents in your language ICanLocalize Translator manages the translation work.

Partner with us, work faster and get affiliate commission

Almost all our Drupal translation work comes from Drupal developers, just like you. We'll do our best to make your work easier, so that you can deliver world-class multilingual sites to your clients. On the way, we'll also pay you a affiliate commission.

1) Sign up

First, create an account in ICanLocalize. It's free and takes a minute.

2) We can help with Drupal's i18n module

Whenever you need help with Drupal's i18n module, we'll be happy to help. Go to your ICanLocalize account, click on Support and create a new support ticket.

We know Drupal's multilingual system inside and out (and we also contribute to it) and can help with anything you'll need.

3) Get commission for translation work

When it's time to start adding translation to your site, make sure your affiliate ID is used.

Go to the Affiliate tab in your ICanLocalize account. You can enter the affiliate data directly to the Drupal theme or to the ICanLocalize module setup.

Then, when we translate contents for your client, you automatically get credited.