Using a different domain name for each language

Drupal makes it easy to serve different language versions of your websites from different domains.

This allows you, for example, to have English contents in and Spanish contents in

Different languages can be in subdomains or completely different domains, including different top level domains (TLDs).

To do this, you'll need to setup Drupal to serve different languages in different domains and you'll also need to setup your web server to point all domains to the same Drupal site.

Setup in Drupal

1) Go to /admin/settings/language/configure and select "Domain name only" as the Language negotiation.

domain name configure

2) Go to the language administration page, /admin/settings/language and edit each language to include the domain name

For English:

English language domain

For Spanish:

Spanish Language Configure

Setup in the server configuration file

Once you've set up Drupal to serve differnt languages in different domains, you need to instruct your web server to send requests from multiple domains to the same Drupal site.

In Apache, you'll need to edit the .conf file and add aliases to all the different domains. For example:


In addition to this, you'll also need to point the domain name server (DNS) to your server for all the domain names in different languages.


Reg : sign in and sign out menu

I finished translating all the menus and content to other language. Now am working sign in and sign out menu. In english site it displayed correctly, but in other language site i added the menu. In language i choose other language and it created. but it got reflected in english site also. please give any solution to display to display other language site without reflecting to english site..

Domains working, but users need to log in for each language

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone here has any ideas as to my issue -- I have set up subdomains for each language in Drupal 7.12 as recommended by this post and many others out there, but have one important problem:

The issue is that users won't stay logged in to both languages/subdomains. In fact, I can be logged in to each language with different users in the same browser.

How can I make it so when a user logs in, they are logged in with their account to the site, and can use both languages? My issue is posted in more detail here:

Great article

Hi, thanks, I was thinking of doing this in the future.
If I understood it correctly google might index better each language version in the local google instance, e.g. instead of

It would be better to have one .com domain
one .fr domain
and one .nl domain,

all pointing to the same instance of drupal.

What do you think? it's great to know that it's possible, and eventually when I'llhave more time I'll do it, but google wise, is it worth the effort of setting up the two additional TDLs?


Domain name only multilingual setup does not seem to fully work

I am sure I have missed a configuration step but I have been unable to find it. I have detailed what I have done here -

I have setup other bilingual sites using Drupal using 'path prefix only' and it 'just works' (at the simplest level) but having setup a 'Domain name only' site I can't seem to get it to work properly.

A very simple (additional) example: if I go to the login page (/user/login) on the default (English) URL the page is (as expected) in English. If I go to the Spanish URL everything is still in English. Or another, even more fundamental example - the Spanish home page is in English.

This has never happened to me before, as I say, using the 'path prefix' approach.

Any thoughts/comments?



Path prefix field should be empty

Thanks for this tutorial.

I suppose there is an error in your setup for the spanish language. The path prefix field should be empty, otherwise you get an error.

In my setup I didn't need a ServerAlias for the sites (two domain names, shared database, switched by TLD). Both domains point to the same server root and are using the same settings.php.

Kind regards,


Secondary language domain falls to "default" web

I have a multisite Drupal configuration.
For each subsite I want a two language versions depending on the domain. Not the subdomain but top-level-domain.

The subsite is configured for and via language setup I made a second language version accessible via

Anytime I access I get a default drupal site not the slovak version of

Any hints? Does this procedure work just for sub domains?

rado (at) rado1 (dot) cz

Worth a tweet

Dude, your article certainly deserves a tweet. I'll add a reference to it in my "configuring drupal for multiple languages" tutorial series, here:

Also check out Translation Management

While you're at it and writing a guide, have a look at Translation Management.

It replaces the Translation Overview module and builds a whole new level of management for the translation process.


multilanguage, domaines and admin interface

I've got a setup with i18n and 2 domain names for 2 different languages. Works great.

However I've also imported the drupal translation for these 2 languages. Now I'm not able to English as admin-interface language for my foreign language.

I know it should be able to keep the two languages (frontend-backend) apart but it doesn't seem to work (the last checkbox at admin/settings/language/i18n is unchecked and the language in my account is also set correctly).

Could it be that it is impossible to do this when domain names are used as language selector?

multisite multilanguage multidomaine

I've created a multisite :
I've created a subsite with UK language

How can I create the subsite with french translation with this url : ?