Running multilingual Drupal sites

Multilingual Enterprise Drupal Starts Here.

The Translation Management module, by ICanLocalize, is key to running multilingual enterprise sites using Drupal CMS.

Project managers get an instant snapshot of translation status for their sites. They choose what content to translate and who will translate it. Translators can only edit what was sent to them.

There's no need for manual book-keeping, sending emails or checking on translation status. Translation Management does it all.

Learn about Translation Management

Free Guide for Developers

Learn how to set up Drupal's multilingual system.

We'll show you how to install and configure i18n and Translation Management, required to run multilingual Drupal sites.

Expert Support

Building multilingual enterprise sites is not trivial. We can help you do it faster, better and on a tight budget.

Check out our consulting and customization offerings and see how we can help you too.

Professional Translation

See how to connect with professional translation services directly from within the Drupal admin panel.

The Translation Management module takes care of sending and receiving contents, so that translators can focus on translating.