Working with Translation Services

When you use a translation service, the actual translation is handled off-site, in the service's system.

Choosing Translation Services

From within the Drupal admin panel, go to Translation Management > Manage translators. Click on the Add translator button.

ADd translators to Drupal site

You will see a list of enabled translation services. The first item is a "local" translator. Choose this for your in-house translators.

The other services in this list are Drupal-specific translation services. These services allow Translation Management direct interface, for sending and receiving jobs.

Sending and Receiving Translations

Drupal will send everything for translation using server-to-server communication.

To receive completed translations, Drupal can either receive notifications via XML-RPC or by polling the translation service.

If your website is online, you should use XML-RPC notifications. This way, completed translations appear immediately in your site.

If you site is offline (like Intranet or localhost sites), choose the cron delivery. Your site will check for completed translations in the translation service and will retrieve it when it's ready.