Translation Management - Last Beta Release

We have just released what should be the last beta release of the Translation Management module. The next release should be non-beta, ready for production sites.

We're pretty happy with the module now. The module provides a unified translation interface for Drupal and allows translation to be done locally by Drupal users with the Translator role or translation jobs can be sent to external translation services for translation.

Translation Service Providers Interface

Two translation services are already using the module's API and can do translation jobs via Translation Management.


ICanLocalize specializes in website translation and software localization. A global network of professional translators, paired with world class translation tools allow delivering accurate translation at very low rates.


OneHourTranslation is optimized for quick turnaround and fast jobs.

More translation service providers are already working on building their interfaces for Translation Management. The beauty is, that site admins are never locked in to any specific provider. They can assign each translation job to any of their translator or to a translation service provider.

Admins can choose which translation service to use according to the need of the moment, availability and fields of expertise. Lock-in is a thing of the past!

XLIFF Import and Export

This release includes a complete XLIFF interface. Translators can either edit using the module's Unified Translation editor or download an XLIFF file to edit offline using their favorite CAT tool. To use the XLIFF export and import, you must have the XLIFF module enabled.

Improved Email Notification Messages

When the admin sends new documents to translation, translators receive email notifications. When translations complete, the admin is notified back (

WYSIWYG Translation

If you have CKEditor, Translation Management will use it in the Unified Translation editor. Translation Management will automatically enable visual editing for fields that were originally written using a visual editor (

Automatic Setting for Home Path
The module now includes special handling for the home page path. All translations of the home page will have the same path, without having to edit it manually (

Lots of Small Bug Fixes
Besides these new features, we've also fixed a handful of small bugs (like We'd like to thank everyone who reported bugs and encourage you to continue. We'll do our best to address everything as fast as possible.


good news!

Translation process will be more easier due to this features.

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