Translation Analytics - A Reporting Tool

The next major addition to Translation Management will be the addition of a reporting tool.

This reporting tool will answer questions like these:

  • How are translations progressing?
  • Who's the French translator, responsible for the delays?
  • Which urgent documents are still not translated?
  • Are all marketing documents for product X translated?
  • How much work did we send to translation service Y in June?

To answer these questions, and more, we're setting up a Translation Analytics tool, which would work very similarly to the famous Google tool for Website Analytics.

Translation Analytics

The idea is that you can define special taxonomy for documents, like urgency, budget code, project, etc. The Translation Analytics will identify these fields and create database entries for them.

You will be able to drill down through the translation statistics and create reports that give you the information you're looking for.

Translation Management will collect this data for you. You can specify which taxonomy terms it should track and add to the Analytics report.

What do You Think?

This tool is intended for project managers, who want to know how their budget is used and how the project is progressing.

What kind of information would you track? Any ideas, before we dive into the implementation?


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