Translating Images and Embedded Objects

Some contents include images, movies or audio which needs translation.

For example, if you're showing a screenshot, you might need to include screenshots of your localized application.

Translation Management makes it easy to replace images and other embedded items in translated contents.

Go to Administer › Content management › Translation Management
Image Translation

Image translation

In this page, you can specify rules for replacing images in translated contents.

For example, you can tell it that if an English image is called machines.png, the Spanish replacement will be machines_es.png. Alternatively, the translated images can keep the exact same name, but be stored in a language directory, so it would be called es/machines.png.

How Image Translation Works

When you send contents that include images to translation, the translators don't need to worry about replacing images with their translations.

Translators will translate the texts only and Drupal will automatically replace the embedded items.

You can specify alternative images at any time. If you supply them before sending the contents to translation, the translations will immediately include the replacement images. If you specify replacement images later, Drupal will go through existing translations and replace images at that time.

Translating ALT and TITLE Attributes

The ALT and TITLE attributes in the HTML are translated normally, along with the content. When translators work on content, they translate all the texts. These attributes are sent to translation, just like everything else.

The only missing step it to replace the SRC attribute, pointing to the translated image itself. This is the purpose of this function.