Together with Gábor on Multilingual D7

Session proposals for DrupalCon Chicago are open. We've submitted a session, together with Gábor Hojtsy on multilingual Drupal 7.

Sessions will be accepted based on the decision of the organizing committee and votes. So, if you want to hear about running multilingual D7 sites, remember to vote for this session.

Our plan (and commitment) is to have everything running by February, so that folks can start build multilingual D7 sites before the next DrupalCon.

Right now, the i18select module is already complete. Next, we're starting on the i18n core. The D7 port for Translation Management is also coming along nicely.

Like we wrote before, a major focus in the D7 multilingual system goes for ease of usability. Instead of balancing between the preferences of developers, admins and translators, we're separating their admin pages. Well, you'll see much more of that when you come to the session ;-)


As long we have Gábor we

As long we have Gábor we don't need to be worried about Drupal's multilingual support :)
Thanks Gábor for all you efforts

100% agree :)

The man is making multilinguism in Drupal just crazy !

By the way, I want to vote for the session, but can't find the vote button ! Where is it ?

Session voting is open for ticket holders

Only people with tickets to Drupalcon can vote for sessions.

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