Migrating Translation Management to D7

We're migrating the Translation Management module to Drupal 7. Things are progressing pretty well but it's not a trivial task.

The focus of this migration is making sure that the module's core runs on both D6 and D7. We don't want to have to maintain 2 separate branches. This has required creating wrapper functions for all D6/D7 specific calls. The new database API has made things interesting.

What's working so far.

Drupal 7 has now centralized a lot of the multilingual functions to single spot, admin/config/regional. This is a big improvement over D6 where multilingual settings were spread out over a number of different menus. This has given us a nice spot to add the Translation Management menu.

Drupal 7 Regional Configuration

Drupal 7 is still missing a lot of functions needed to make a complete multilingual site, functions that the i18n module provides. Once we have completed with migration of the Translation Management module we will be working with the developers at i18n to migrate their module to D7.


Right, but are these blocks

Right, but are these blocks made for Dashboard? Or are you making a separate translation dashboard?

Better contact us directly

I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to. I suggest that you contact us and we'll be able to understand better. There's a contact form and we'll reply to your email.

Translation dashboard means

Translation dashboard means blocks for on the dashboard? That'd be awesome.

Blocks appear in the translation dashboard

Yes, blocks appear in the same translation dashboard. It includes all Drupal contents.

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