Required Modules for Multilingual Drupal

As of Drupal 6, multilingual support is (partially) included in Drupal core. However, this support does not allow building complete multilingual sites and you will need to install additional modules.


Language icons

i18n - Translation for Taxonomy, Blocks and Variables

The i18n module is an essential module for running any multilingual Drupal site. It allows translating taxonomy terms, blocks and variables and also includes a language switcher block for choosing the display language.

Translation Dashboard

Translation Management - Creates A Translation Wordflow

The Translation Management module adds a layer of management for multilingual contents.

Site admins can define specific Translator roles and use the Translation Dashboard to send contents to translation.


Installing the Modules

Go to i18n and Translation Management and download the recent versions for each. Make sure you choose the latest stable version that matches the Drupal version you're using.

Extract the downloaded archive into ${DRUPAL_HOME}/sites/all/modules/ where ${DRUPAL_HOME} is your root of your Drupal 6 installation. After extracting the module, a new directory will be created:

  • ${DRUPAL_HOME}/sites/all/modules/i18n
  • ${DRUPAL_HOME}/sites/all/modules/translation_management

Enabling the Multi-Language Modules

Once you downloaded and installed the modules, you need to enable them.

  • Go to Administer > Site Building > Modules
  • Enable all the modules under "Multilanguage" and "Translation Management" and save the configuration.


Remember to set permissions or roles

By default, translation management permissions are only given to new roles ICanLocalize manager and ICanLocalize translator. It's probably a good idea to either give the admins the same rights or to give yourself those roles. You can't really do anything with Translation Management without those permissions!

Provide the URL to download the translation.

One must download the translations from
and extract them in the Drupal directory. This is an important step.

And also you need to be

And also you need to be running php5 (use the function phpinfo(); to find out)
to set this add SetEnv php5 to your .htaccess file at site root
...if it can help someone

Menu translation

Any updates on menu translations in the latest versions?

The bug in the i18nmenu

The bug in the i18nmenu module has been fixed and has been committed to CVS. I don't know when a new release will be done, hopefully it wont be too long.