Drupal Translation Management

The Translation Management module makes it easy to run multilingual Drupal sites. It helps management, content admins, translators and web developers by creating a systematic translation process.

Download Translation Management

Who Needs Translation Management?


Stay on top of the translation process at all times.

You'll get concise reports showing status and progress by language, translation providers, billing codes or urgency.

Content Admins

Quickly find what needs translation and send everything in one click.

When translation are complete, they appear in Drupal, ready for publishing.


All that translators need to do is translate.

They don't need to learn anything about Drupal's complex multilingual system. Translations are done in a convenient visual editor, showing the originals and translations side-by-side.

Web Developers

Install the Translation Management module and your work is done.

You don't need to give training about how to translate in Drupal. It's all handled by the module.

Efficient and Affordable Translation

Translation Management interfaces to ICanLocalize - experts in Drupal translation.

ICanLocalize knows Drupal's multilingual system inside and out and have built a translation system tailored around Drupal.

Direct Connection

Translators and project managers communicate directly. Clients can choose their own translators from ICanLocalize's pool. Translators learn all there's to know about the business and website and make sure that translation helps you sell more.

Built-in QA

QA is an integral part of ICanLocalize's translation system. Clients can hire a team of translator and reviewer, to produce top-notch translations for the most demanding texts.