API Updates for Translation Management

We're getting ready for a new release of Translation Management. This version will include upgrades to the translation service API, so if you're using it, now is the time to upgrade your module too.

New in Translation Management 6-1.2

We'll close all pending issues for this release. Long standing issues have been:

  • Buggy Google Translate - thanks mscharley for the patch!
  • Compatibility issues with Postgresql - we got the initial patch from Monty and added more fixes. Thanks!
  • Crashes, uninstall problems and resigning translators - all will be included in the 6-1.2 release.

Translation Service API Changes

We went through usability testing and found that it takes a mind-reader to "discover" the professional translation options in the module.

Obviously, <shameless plug>being a translation service focusing on website translation and software localization</shameless plug>, we're eager to fix this.

Translation Management 6-1.2 will consolidate the management of in-house translators with translation services. They would all appear in the same page. This should make it easier for website admins to get the overall picture of who's translating for them.

Adding new translators would be simpler too. Users will choose the language pair, what 'kind' of translator and add. This is how it will look:

Add translators

For this change, we need a bit more information about different translation services. This includes a brief description and a link to 'learn more'.

These changes will not break backward compatibility. Older translation service modules will continue functioning. However, they will not benefit from these upgrades and thus will get less exposure to potential clients.

If you're building a translation service module that connects to Translation Management, please contact us for more details. It's being worked on right now..


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